OS Reload

For When You Need a Fresh Start

A clean install of the operating system is needed if you want to wipe all data and return the computer to fresh from the factory conditions. This is a useful service if you are planning on gifting or selling your computer to someone else.

A clean install is also required when the operating system becomes corrupted beyond repair. This is most often caused by prolonged malware infections and failing drives.

Virus Cleanup / PC Tune-Up

This service consists of the following:

  • Complete removal and cleanup of all malware.
  • Complete hardware and system diagnostics.
  • Ensuring that the BIOS, drivers, and operating system are up-to-date.
  • Performance optimizations when needed.

Laptop Disassembly

Any work done requiring disassembly of All-In-One PCs and some laptops may be charged at a higher rate due to the complexity involved in breaking down this equipment.

Password Reset

Password reset is required when you forget your windows login password. We can either change the password to something else or remove it entirely.

Clone a Drive

This service is required when replacing a drive in your computer with another drive. Common examples are when upgrading a hard drive to a solid state drive, or when replacing a drive that is nearing end of life with a new drive. Please note that we cannot clone a drive that has failed, or is serverly corrupted.

Data Transfer

This service is required when you want to transfer data from one computer to another. Unlike with a clone, programs cannot be transfered and must be reinstalled. Customer is responsible for providing valid license keys for any paid software.

Price is capped at $50 if the computer we are transfering data to was purchased through us.

Bench Fee

This fee includes but is not limited to basic software repair and general system troubleshooting and repairs. This can include such services as software installations or reinstallations.


Full hardware tests will be run on the machine. If the customer chooses to fix any identified issues this fee will be waived and the appropriate fee for the repairs needed will be applied. This fee does not include and parts or equipment. Any computer checked in with us will be subject to a minimum charge of $35 for our diagnostic time and labor.